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We are delighted that you are here and have decided to be part of our vision of creating software differently! We have invested countless hours in developing our blocks by using the latest, smartest, and most efficient way to build software, including best practices from many industry leaders and projects

Reading this documentation is the first step to become a master of 23blocks and become part of the group of software revolutionaries. Seriously, it's that good.

If you need help getting started, please contact us at support@23blocks.com.

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1. Multi Tenant vs Single Tenant

Should you have one tenant or multiple tenants?, if you are building a multi country or multi brand platform or if your clients can have customers, probably you should go with multiple tenants, if you are building a single app with a single list of customers, a single tenant should work. You can always scale up or back from one tenant to multiple tenants.

2. Check Our Blocks Documents and Features

Visit each block page to understand what features they include and pick the ones better suite for your project.

3. Check Our API Documentation

Our API documentations is updated constantly to included new features and samples, based on Postman, it is easy to use and easy to test. check it out on here: API Documentation 23blocks

4. Check Our Code Samples

Examples are crucial in excellent documentation and are very useful to the 23blockscommunity. We have samples on different technologies and platforms that you can use to jump start your project. They are open source and available on our Github repositories

You can help by providing complete code samples or by editing the current ones. If you think an example is not acceptable and you could improve it, go for it! We won't take it personally.

More Philosophical information?, check our brand new blog.

Ready? Let's build something amazing

1. Create or Find your APPID

Open a free account and create your first app to obtain and APPID you will use on every 23blocks API calls. If you already have an account, find your APPID on the API Keys menu

2. Front End Integrations

React, Angular, Html, React Native, Swift, we have all them covered, check our Github repositories.

3. Back End Integrations

Augment our blocks or drive them from your own API, you can integrate with php, ruby, c#, java or anything that speaks http and json, check some samples

4. Expanding Data Models

Did we miss a data field you really need? no worries, many of our data models included json based payloads where you can add, define your own data structures, mixing the benefits of NOSQL with SQL and databases. check some samples on Data Augmentation

5. Connecting to 23blocks Exchange

Even less decoupled? connect to our message exchange to react to blocks events, or even create your own block and be part of the ecosystem.

Leaving us a review

If you think we've done an excellent job or have a success story using our blocks that you want to share, please leave us a review on our social media or send us a message on our contact page. We will share it with our team as an encouragement to continue contributing to the improvement of the software.

Always let us know how we can help; we would love to see what you are building!

It is no secret to anyone that software is a subject in constant change, and without being an exception, 23blocks is a work in progress. Consequently, our documentation is in continuous development, and our team members make an effort every day to maintain these documents

We hope to hear from you! 👋